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Drain, Godsmack en Black Sabbath * 10 december 1999, Ahoy - Rotterdam

Setlist Black Sabbath:
Intro, War Pigs, NIB, Fairies Wear Boots, Electric Funeral, Sweet Leaf,
Snowblind, After Forever, Dirty Women, Tomorrow's Dream, Into the Void,
Black Sabbath, Iron Man, Iommi Guitar Solo, Children of The Grave en Paranoid.

Wat moet ik hier nou van zeggen... Dit was en is nog steeds (ik schrijf dit op april 2011) één van de allerbeste concerten die ik ooit heb gezien. Als jongetje draaide ik op mijn kamer de eerste lp's van Black Sabbath helemaal grijs en op dit concert werden alleen nummers gespeeld van de eerste vier platen. Ik weet niet meer precies wie hier allemaal bij waren, ik dacht Hans, Vincent en Rob Vis. Maar Rob kon er op een gegeven moment niet meer tegen, het werd per nummer harder totdat het ongeveer bij Sweet Leaf op z'n hardst was. Ik werd steeds enthousiaster en heb zelfs (ik schaam me) nog met kleine laagjes gevulde plastic bekers bier over de mensen die voor me stonden heen gegooid. Van deze concertreeks is ook de dubbel live cd Reunion gemaakt.

Diverse reacties van http://www.black-sabbath.com/
I just woke up with a huge "beep" in my ears, a free gift from Black Sabbath!! Last night I went to the Sabbath gig in Rotterdam, Holland, and it was great!! First up were Drain, and I think they were pretty cool. After them came Godsmack, a band who I think is really cool. I bought their album some months ago, and I like the band. Their set was heavy and solid, I enjoyed listening to them! Then...finally...the great moment we've all been waiting for... the intro tape, a medley of Sabbath songs, invaded the venue... I have been a fan for twelve years, and to see the four Sabs walking up the stage really gave me a special feeling. It was finally happening right in front of me! Just to see and hear "Mr. Bill Ward", is something special. Their set was so good, and Ozzy's voice was great! We all know the past reviews of the songs and concerts, so I won't go through each song, but here are some thoughts of me: I really liked the fact that they played After Forever, but unfortunately they kinda screw the song up, because Ozzy's singing was a bit of a mess, and because of the cool heavieness of the song, the bass and guitar were too loud for his singing. But, the rest of the set was played really, really good.

They still played Tommorow's Dream, but for me the highlight was NIB, because I think it's one of the best guitar solo's Iommi ever did! For me this concert was something special, and I won't ever forget it or them. I bought a Tour Programme and 2 posters, and the Tour programme is really cool! Black Sabbath for the last time together? Maybe we won't see them playing together again after they have finished their "last supper", but I think it's great that they came together, and sorted out all of their differences. They may stop at one of the high-points in their carreer, but we all could see 4 good friends, who have gone through a lot together, and still manage to make good music together. Let's hope for a new studio album next year! Thank you Black Sabbath....."YOU ARE NUMBER ONE!!!!" Yuri

                                             Ozzy Osbourne was goed op dreef

What a great gig!! After seeing a solid cool performance of Drain STH and Godsmack, the intro tape with a medley of Sabbath songs bursted out of the speakers! The whole crowd was singing along with some of Sabbath's finest tunes! Then, the sirenes of War Pigs warned us for what would follow: One of the heaviest shows on earth! When Black Sabbath came walking up the stage, the crowd went wild! Ozzy, arms wide open, screamed:"How the F*ck you doing?!...come one...let me hear you!!..." Bill started the drum-break, and this was the beginning of War Pigs! Finally....I've waited 12 years to see this moment: Geezer, Ward, Ozzy and Iommi, playing together, and they enjoyed it! The crowd were singing the words to War pigs, and everyone knew this was something special. Then, one of my favourite songs was played, NIB. I just love the middle part, with the drum break, and then the ultimate cool guitar solo of mr. Iommi! I freaked, and during this songs I realised that Black Sabbath is stil as good as they were in 1970!

After a great version of the heavy riffed Fairies wear boots, came Electric Funeral. As soon as the band started the song, it was like all the bombs of the world fell on the Ahoy venue....it was heavy as hell...and the song was powerfull. Bill's drumming "rolled on" like a bomber, and Ozzy's voice was great! Sweet Leaf and Snowblind were next, and I got a very emotional feeling during Snowblind's "My eyes are blind, but I can see...." part in the song. A welcome surprise was the fact that they played After Forever, although this songs wasn't played that well, because the guitar and bass were louder than Ozzy's microphone. After this we all could enjoy a very, great guitar solo during Dirty Women, and I think Iommi was really in good mood! Tomorrow's Dream sounded much heavier than on the record, and was played really well, although I thought that a lot of people in the venue didn't know this song (We die-hards know it offcourse!!) Into the Void was excellent.

Thunder....Rain...tolling bells....this was it...this was the song that started it all... the heavy Black Sabbath... When the band started to play, it was like the thunder, storm and rain continued...heavy...heavy....and heavy! Geezer really freaked during the last minutes of the song. Tony, as usual, played one of the coolest solo's but was calm as always, while I was going nuts!! It gave me a special feeling....it was amazing! "HEY HEY HEy...come on...Hey HEy Hey...I can't hear you... the famouse intro to Iron Man, as Ozzy tries to get the crowd going mad! (I sang the song all the waqy back to my home because of the "OOOhoooohohoho...hohohohohoho!!!" ) Than Mr Iommi gave an excellent guitar solo, and the song Children of the grave was announced as their last song of the night.... We were going wild.... Then Black Sabbath left the stage, and backstage, Ozzy was screaming:"I cannot f*cking hear you...!!"

After 2 minutes, Black Sabbath came back started Supernaut and promptly fired away with a historical version of Paranoid! Their last song played in Holland for this century... what a way to go!! Bill was in a great shape! I play the drums myself, and he really gave me another load of inspiration! Geezer is such a great bass player....he was great...respect man! Tony... the calmth himself...no one plays the heavy riffs he does... he invented them, and he can let you FEEL the riffs in your stomach!! Ozzy had a great voice, and he's a great performer...he got the crowd going. Halfway the set, he put an Dutch flag around his head, and danced around for some minutes with it, making fun in front of Mr. Butler. I am only 22 years old, but I have been a fan now for 12 years. For me, after seeing Black Sabbath three times before, this was one my dreams come true. Thank you Black Sabbath....this evening will stay in my mind forever.... After Forever!! Sabbath Bloody Cheers!! Yuri Beckers

                                                 De band bedankt het publiek

Black Sabbath in Rotterdam was sold out. I'm not quite sure how many people would fit in, but I guess around 10.000 people must have been present. The two warm-up bands received some polite applause, but it was clear everybody was waiting to see the real thing. The crowd did go nuts to see Ozzy step in first to greet the crowd. From a distance, his paled face and make-uped eyes certainly made a good impression. Kicking off with War Pigs, Ozzy practised his well-known frog-leap, but it appeared a bit too retro in my opinion!! He's certainly not 21 anymore. Some great songs, though.

The concert was very powerful, and the sound was quite good, considering the size of venue. Especially Tony's sound improved notably throughout the gig. His sound on Electric Funeral was very, very heavy and you can see where 90's bands get their riffs from. Also Black Sabbath (the song) was without a doubt a stunner. I noted that Tony hardly changed guitars (just his new red Gibson and his old black JD), and I think he played in C# (3 semitones lower) throughout!!!

Ozzy managed to get hold of a Dutch flag and knotted it round his head during sweat leaf, looking like an old grandmother!! He certainly managed to get the rest of the band laughing. Not so happy were the crew below, in the firing line, who were treated to several buckets of water, one guy even getting two!! He was not so happy, but he'll probably tell his grandchildren about it. Bill Ward was introduced by Ozzy some 12 times, until he felt like walking away from his kit. They were clearly having fun! Ozzy introduced Tony by putting up a hilarious "I'm not worthy" act, lying on the ground in front of him. To sum it up, great. And I'll be surprised should they not do more concerts in the future, or at least record something together. Benjamin.

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