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The Breeze en Uriah Heep * 26 mei 2002, De Boerderij - Zoetermeer

Setlist Uriah Heep: 
Return to fantasy, Universal Wheels, Only the Young, Stealin, Tales, 
Between two Worlds, I Can Hear Voices, Sunrise, The Magicians Birthday, 
Gypsy, July Morning, Look at Yourself. Toegift 1: Bird of Prey, 
Easy Livin'. Toegift: 2 Lady in Black 

Bertje kon er niet goed tegen, was 'm wat te hard...

Review van http://www.moreheep.com/
De Boerderij in Zoetermeer was afgeladen vol gisteren. Uitverkocht! Het geluid was zeer goed vergeleken met Borstrock en Helmond. De sfeer was fantastisch en dat sloeg over op de band en terug de zaal in. De band Di-rect was voltallig aanwezig en de grootste Heepfan onder hen zong met Mick mee tijdens Lady in black.

Review van http://uriahheepholland.freeservers.com/monleo.htm
Feeling spoilt!!!!!!! By Monique Spruyt. Uriah Heep back in Holland after only a mere 5 months???? Wow; that IS something! Sure, we have seen Heep numerous times over the years; actually we haven't missed a concert since 1984 in Holland! Back in those days (up until the late 90s actually…) we also drove over to Germany and Belgium to see them and yes, we've been to London a couple of times to witness special gigs. To be completely honest; Leo got me into Heep. He had all of their albums when we met in 1983 and I only knew some of their songs and wasn't aware that they were still around then. I did like rock music and was always on the look out for gigs as nothing beats a good live concert! So, that's how I noticed that Heep would play in the small town of Winterswijk, in the East of Holland which is about a 3-hour drive from Rotterdam, where we live. Knowing that Leo liked them so much, I suggested going which was something we discussed as "jeez, a 3-hour-drive; what a long way". We still laugh about that, by now we can't even recall how often we've seen the band, let alone how many hours we've spent in the car getting to places where the band played! Well, we went there, witnessed a great gig and back then I avidly collected autographs by rock bands so after the show we waited for a while after the show to see if I could get those autographs. Only after some 30 minutes, fans that were waiting to meet the band, were invited back stage and right then we realised that this bunch of people was something special. Very down-to-earth, talkative and a great sense of humour.

                                      Het was weer een geweldig optreden

In 1985 we saw them again and by the Heep fever had struck us. We had started collecting about anything Heep we could lay our hands on and when we saw the band a year later, they still remembered our names. Knowing they tour so extensively, it's amazing that they KNOW who all these people that come to see them are. They must have impeccable hard discs (HEEHEE)! We've driven miles and miles to see them whenever we could; budget and work obligations permitting!! Leo had seen them in the 70s and had never imagined to meet 'his heroes' in person and moreover we were both surprised how amazingly friendly the band members are. I personally have met quite a number of so-called rock stars. Sure, some of them are friendly too, some are plain arrogant but in Heep there is something really special, almost magical as although they no longer fill up huge stadiums, although they are always busy, being on the road, travelling miles and miles and spending most of their time in hotels instead of at home, they always manage to make their fans feel good! Their performances are always loaded with energy, musical masters but still humble!! Then their sense of humour; ANYONE who has met the band knows that they can see humour in absolutely anything! Some have described them as a family but I sometimes feel that their interaction is thicker than blood; they're very different, yet there is such a unity…. you can't really put it into words.

To me they radiate joy of living life to the fullest; something that is often sadly lacking in this world as too many people fuss over things that shouldn't matter. Back at the end of 2001 both of us had been through an awful time. The fact was that slowly things were getting better, carefully regaining a positive view on life again. Music, especially music made with the heart in it, mixed with love, laughter, energy and sheer passion accumulates into something called Uriah Heep! Something that means a LOT to us! At Heep's final gig in 2001, I approached Mick and asked him if he could do me a favour - surprise Leo by playing some chords together with him as music has always been a great part of Leo's life but it wasn't until a few years ago that he actually started playing the guitar. Once he started this, he got hooked in no time, a perfect way to express emotions and find joy. Needless to say, he tried to find out how Mick played! In a careless moment he had once confided to me that his biggest dream was to play with Mick some chords one day. THAT was something I remembered and hey girls, we know how hard it is to buy guys presents, so at this final 2001 gig, I ran into Mick and simply told him that the perfect Christmas present for Leo was one that I needed his help with.

I explained what Leo's biggest dream was and in a matter of seconds Mick said "Find my guitar technician and ask him to get the acoustic guitars and let's get this rolling!". So, I didn't hesitate and Leo nearly had a heart attack when I told him to get ready to play with Mick. Just looking at Mick and Leo play in the dressing room with Bernie occasionally singing a few notes and Phil playing on the violin, made me realise that Leo wasn't exaggerating when he had told me this was one of his biggest dreams! You just had to see his face! Now, after having seen Heep again at Helmond, the Borstrock festival and at Zoetermeer, we once again felt privileged! First of all, by getting to see a great band in concert; still something that can make our hearts beat faster; getting away from the day-to-day hassles, just feeling free and having fun! No matter whether a band member has a cold, an injury or a headache, you'll never know when you witness them in concert! Great professionals and sweet people you want to keep hugging! Over the years, we've come to know many other Heep fans, from all walks of life but all share this feeling that these heepy magicians can make them feel GOOD! Once again Leo had the opportunity to play a while with Mick and without getting all soppy; this band makes us feel so special; it's hard to put into words. Louis did an amazing job once again by putting the band into the spotlights; a place they deserve to be and I DO feel that more and more people in Holland get heepnotised!!

Each storm starts with a breeze and everyone that gets the chance to see Heep will be blown away! I hope you'll enjoy the photos which Louis will put on the website (thanks mate!) and while Leo keeps practising (and persuading other musicians he knows to listen to Heep!!), I'll keep on translating Dutch stuff for all you non-Dutch speaking folks and making my students work with Heep lyrics (yep, I'm an English teacher and teenagers DO need some educating in this field HAHA). Both of us feeling spoilt to be happy heepsters!! Now we're looking forward to a new album and although it's only been a month since we saw the band, we're hungry for more!! Waiting impatiently and cherishing happy heepy memories!! Monique. 

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