zaterdag 22 december 2001

Mostly Autumn en Uriah Heep * 22 december 2001, Plato - Helmond

Setlist Mostly Autumn:
Return Of The King, Never The Rainbow, Nowhere To Hide, 
Spirit Of Autumn Past, Evergreen, Out Of The Inn, Shrinking Violet,
Heroes Never Die, Dark Before The Dawn en Mother Nature.
Setlist Uriah Heep:
The Magicians Birthday, Logical Progression, Tales,
Return to Fantasy, Universal Wheels, Stealin?, Sunrise,
Traveller in Time, Gypsy, Bird of Prey, Heartless Land,
Come Away Melinda, July Morning en Lady in Black. 

Was een erg leuke dag. In de sneeuwjacht naar Helmond gereden. Eerst naar de Heep-inn, hier was de band zelf ook. Het voorprogramma Mostly Autumn was heel goed. Thijs van Leer floot mee met Tales en bij de toegift Lady in Black, waarbij ook Mostly Autumn op het podium kwam. Diverse bandleden waren verkleed, het werd één groot (kerst)feest.

Heerlijke avond Heep

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Hi Louis, I’ve been panting since last Saturday. The past two years I’ve managed to see the band four times and each time I think that it can’t be beaten but what happened in Helmond was the superlative one can imagine. After a one-and-a-half hour journey with a true snowstorm I arrived at the Plato and my ticket to the Heep In as well as the concert were right there (thanks for the service). It was a perfect warming up, a nice pint and chatting to like-minded people and on top a cool auction (unfortunately no prize). After that some nice eating out and the support act. I go to concerts rather frequently and most of the time support acts aren’t worth listening to, but this time I really enjoyed it! There was even a moment that I simply felt as if I was elsewhere, very magical. Then Heep. I am lost for words about that, I don’t think any concert can top this. The atmosphere that evening, with the extras like Thijs van leer’s performance and a very full stage at the end, I’ll never forget this. Next time in May I’ll be there and I hope Heep will last many years to come, if necessary until 2040 when I will be at the front again with my fellow retired homies waving our walkers! Ron van Schaik

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Uriah Heep live in Plato Helmond was als vanouds weer een daverend succes! De goed bezochte 'Heep in' voorafgaand aan het concert was uitermate gezellig, vooral toen de voltallige band, op Bernie na vanwege een voetblessure, acte de presence kwam geven. De Heep Quiz werd gewonnen door Harrie Otten, Heep kenner pur sang! Hij kreeg een gesigneerd exemplaar van de special edition Magicians Birthday Party DVD/CD set. Na de prijzen werd er een kleine verloting gehouden van o.a. drie prachtig japanse uitgaven van Klassieke Heep CD's ter beschikking gesteld door Yumico Nakayma. Franky Bruyneel fotograaf van Rockreport en Mindview maakte foto's en stelde een prachtige aktiefoto van Mick ter beschikking van het prijzenfestival. Katty de Verhagen had een speciale Magicians Birthday LP meegebracht en ook een van Toe Fat...het leverde enige hilariteit op toen bleek dat een Hensley georienteerde plaat werd verloot. De band maakte een act van de uitreiking...Lee als volleerd engelse gentleman bracht bij iedere winnaar het geaffecteerde PERFECTLY WELL DONE!

Daarna was het signeren geblazen en op de foto met onze helden.Om 10.30 was de beer op het grote podium los..het leek wel of Heep alles had kunnen spelen...het publiek was bijzonder in de mood. Muzikale uitschieters: Magicians Birthday, Look at Yourself, July Morning en Tales. Op naar Borstrock vananvond!!

Mick Box is een prachtig showmannetje

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We, Frans, Fred and I, arrived at 16.15 at Plato in Helmond. We were the first Heep-fans. The Heep-Inn should begin at 17.00 hours so we had a little time to place the tables near the entrace, to check the list of participants. etc. At 16.45 the first people tried to get in, but despite the snow, we weren't allowed to lt them in. Sorry again Leo and Monique and all the others. But because of the snow the doors opened a litlle bit earlier. The bus from Bergen op Zoom arrived around 17.00 hour and after half an hour about 130 people had entered the Heep-Inn. Mick, Phil and Bernie arrived a little bit later for the soundcheck. Everybody was talking, eating (oliebollen) and drinking. Louis and Diana were selling the merchandise of Mostly Autumn and Uriah Heep. When the soundcheck was finished Louis started the raffle. The chance to win something was not so bad there were about 130 numbers and 6 prizes. Nummber 88 was very lucky because he had two prizes on one number. If you didn't win anything, maybe there's a new chance next year. During the raffle Louis had to wear the golden jacket he won two weeks ago in London. Three members of the band continued signing albums and talking to their fans.

Mostly Autumn was the support-act of Uriah Heep during this tour. Mostly Atumn was a good warming-up gig for Uriah Heep. It's a beautiful kind of symphonic rock. Sometimes soft, sometimes powerfull. Sometimes to powerfull for the female vocals, but I hope to hear more of them soon. Uriah Heep. The beginning of the concert was like usual. Return to fantasy, Universal wheels, Only the young and Stealin'. After Stealin' came the first surprise, Thijs van Leer (Focus and the Magician's Birthday Party). Thijs played on the flute and he "jodelde" in Tales like the good old times in Focus. Than Between two worlds, I hear voices, Logical Progression dedicated to the late Hans Bokelman, I'll keep on trying and The magician's Birthday with Lee on drums and kazoo. The band also played Sunrise, Look at yourself, Gypsy and July morning. The encore was Bird of prey, Easy livin' and the show ended after almost 2 hours with 7 "ladies in black" on stage with Lady in black (2nd encore). 

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