vrijdag 16 november 2001

Manfred Mann's Earth Band * 15 november 2001, De Boerderij - Zoetermeer

Setlist Manfred Mann:
Joybringer, Shelter From the Storm, Nothing Ever Happens, Castles Burning,
Martha's Madmann, House of the Rising Sun/Dancing in the Dark medley,
Don't Kill it Carol, Angels at my Gate, Spirits in the Night/Father of Day medley,
Demolition man, Blinded by the Light, Redemption Song, SOS,
She Was, Davy's on the Road Again en The Mighty Quinn.

Alle hits kwamen voorbij, maar ik miste de orginele zanger Chris Thompson. De nieuwe zanger had wel een goede stem maar zong naar mijn smaak wat teveel soul-achtig. Wel leuk om nog eens live één van mijn oude favoriete bands te zien. Grappig was dat de zanger op een gegeven moment wat geïrriteerd raakte door een felle lamp recht in zijn gezicht.... Blinded by the Light....

Zanger Noel McCalla 

Review van http://www.platform-end.co.uk/
It took me a day to recover but here is the report. Finally Manfred Mann's Earth Band back in Holland for three gigs in three days. Enough to invite some fan friends to come to Holland and join me in those three MMEB days and keeping up the nice international contacts we have. Together with Ben, another Dutch fan, Erika, Reinhard and Iris from Germany we went to the gigs in Zoetermeer (15th), tadskanaal (16th) and Hardenberg (17th). Unfortunately Angela stayed at home and I really hope all is

The 3 day trip started very nice with a coffee at the fireplace because the central heating had fallen out. At 8 we went to the gig in Zoetermeer. The place called "De Boerderij". At the entrance Ben was waiting for us and together with two of his friends we went inside. It was a nice little venue with around 700 people. With no supporting act and Ian changing the setlist at the last moment we were anxious to our first gig with Pete as the new drummer. The setlist, well known, Joybringer, Shelter, Castles (This was new for Ben), Martha, Carol, Dancing, Angels at my gate, Father, Demolition man, and Blinded. And after the break Redemption song, Davy and Mighty Quinn.

Although it was Pete May's one of his first gigs life on stage, it seemed that the band was playing together for years. For the ones that like the music it's no loss that Richard left the band, Pete knows exactly what to do. Richard played a little bit louder I think and he is much shorter than Pete. Thanks for the gigs I saw you on stage Richard and hope you're doing well in the future. The band played again with much fun. Highlight for me was Dancing in the dark because I like the mixture very much.

A request to Manfred: If you're able to make such a wonderful arrangement (with or without friends) please give us more. Besides Dancing, Martha's Madman is allways a life sensation, the way Manfred plays the keyboards in this song can't last long enough. That same feeling comes back when Mick and Manfred are having a fight during Father. Especially during the third gig I was suprised by the way they were performing this part, again too short unfortunately. Evert it was nice meeting you (Uriah Heep is going to Hardenberg on the 21th of December). After the gig Ben went home and we to our tiny cozy hotel near the "IJssel" where we got our last drink at the fireplace and where the central heating was working again, so a hot shower the next day. 

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