vrijdag 11 februari 2000

Uriah Heep * 11 februari 2000, De Kade - Zaandam

Setlist Uriah Heep:
Between two Worlds, I Can Hear Voices, Stealin, Universal Wheels,
Time of Revelation, Only the Young, Sweet Freedom, Rain, Feels Like,
Sunrise, Heartless Land, Bird of Prey, Gypsy, Everything in Life,
Easy Livin', Question, Look at Yourself en Lady in Black. 

Nog een keer naar de Kade, het was de vorige keer zo goed geweest. Leuk al die nieuwe nummers afgewisseld met die oude krakers... Vooral de nummers van de cd Sonic Origami bevielen ons uitermate.

                       Een taart voor het 30-jarig jubileum

Review van http://uriahheepholland.freeservers.com/
The Zaandam gig was even better then at Rijssen the day before. The venue was smaller but packed. Like last year the atmosphere in the venue was like you expect at a rock concert: a bit hazy because of the fog machines, great seventies rock music was played before Heep came on stage, and a lot of real Heep fans were there. The band surprised us all with a changing set, three different songs according to the set the day before.

The band looked so relaxed and having fun all the time. The feel and the mood were there this night. Richard and many other diehards told me this was the best gig for ten years...and I like to say this with them. The big surprise! Evert Achterberg came up with the idea of a 30 anniversary cake a few weeks ago. So we talked about it with the Dutch heepsters and there we were with the cake. Richard and I talked with John, the stagemanager, and he thought we could surprise the band right after Easy Livin. So when they started it, Evert and I ran too the freezer of the venue to get the cake out.

Then we had to run through the crowd to the stage doors. Richard was waiting there, we tried to manage the 30 candles on it, but the song ended so fast! So Richard took the candles of and hold the cake and I followed him on stage were the band was thanking the crowd for the first time. I used Mick's microphone and shouted in Dutch and English that Uriah Heep had it's 30 anniversary and asked the crowd to sing Happy birthday. It was the loudest happy birthday I've ever heard in my life. In the meantime Richard was posing with the band and the cake. I thanked the band for 30 years of wonderful music from all the Heepsters of the world. When we left the stage we were happy the cake didn't end up in somebody's face ..;-)) 

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