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Paul Young en Genesis * 11 juni 1987, De Kuip - Rotterdam

Setlist Genesis:
Mama, Abacab, Domino part I, Domino part II, That's All, The Brazilian, In The Cage/' That Quiet Earth', Afterglow, Land Of Confusion, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Throwing It All Away, Home By Sea, Second Home By The Sea, Invisible Touch, Drum Duet, Los Endos en Turn It On Again(medley). 

De band 

Het is me niet helemaal gelukt om dit op te graven uit mijn geheugen, misschien komt het nog eens bovendrijven.

Review van
Op 11 Juni 1987 komt het tot vechtpartijen onder de 48.000 bezoekers van een Genesis concert in de Kuip in Rotterdam. Als de zaak uit de hand dreigt te lopen verlaat Phil Collins voor enige tijd het podium. Uiteindelijk is alles weer rustig en vervolgd Genesis het concert.

Phil Collins 

Review van (website met bootlegs, waar onder die van dit concert)
Comments: At the Feyernoord Stadium in Rotterdam, Holland (though Simon cites a totally different venue, the official site and Hewitt and Halley (barring some disagreements on spelling) all agree on this one), this is one of those audience recordings that almost becomes more about the audience than the band's performance. It's actually recorded very well; the sound is really quite good, there don't appear to be any cuts and no errors that I could hear. In fact most of the audience seems to be very very into the performance and Phil is able to really get them involved and seems fairly happy with them--indeed, at the end of the gig he says they were one of the best audiences in Europe that year. Unfortunately almost the entire show is spoiled by a small group of guys near the taper (in fact they may even be the ones recording the show, ridiculous as it seems) who are clearly drunk and very, very annoying.

They sing along in slurred voices to many of the songs. They are loud and they don't really even know the words very well. They yell "Cinema Show" during the song intros and even all through the drum duet. They boo when Phil talks about the newer material. Their singing is particularly terrible over "Afterglow." When Phil introduces the medley section of the encore number, he says he wants to thank everybody "except that guy right there." Then, just before the band are about to go into "I'll be There," the music abruptly dies off and Phil says "I'm sorry, but there are some assholes in the front, and we're off." He comes back on to say how most of the audience was really great, besides the assholes: "you can kick the shit out of them for all I care." One of the main troublemakers intelligently retorts, "'Cinema Show,' asshole!" If you go to a concert, why would you be such a jerk to the group you went there to see? In the right state of mind, I can see how someone listening to this might find the show funny, and it is certainly unique. Mainly I find myself annoyed by these jerks who felt it necessary to ruin what might otherwise have been a fantastic performance and a great bootleg.

Was een goed concert 

It's worth it to mention the rest of the audience and the very strong sense of participation and mainly good vibes the band are able to elicit. The audience sings in chorus after "Land of Confusion," so much so that Phil gets them into "You'll Never Walk Alone" and the "Here we go!" chant (heard on another boot from this tour, this is a common audience chant used mainly at sporting events). Before the "Cage" medley Phil uses the trip to the past intro including mentions of bell bottom trousers and the fact that "some of us had more hair" when the song was originally played. This is the same intro he would use for the "Old Medley" in 1992. To work out some of the crowd's enthusiasm, Phil greatly extends the "dee-dah-day" bits in "Throwing It All Away." After "Throwing It All Away," the audience is so hyped up that they start mimicking every word Phil says. He then works hard to get them to participate in the stadium levitation before HBtS. There were originally some big hiccups in this intro which I have repaired.

A memorable gig, certainly, but I find it hard not to be disappointed at the spoiling of what might have been one of the best audience recordings from this tour by a few drunken jerks. 

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